Hotdog/yeah i know she will rejoin

pizza/who is she

hotdog/ y'know chocolatey

pizza / lets look at the tv to see what happen in dream world now

(switch sence to dream word)

shieldy/hey popsicley


shieldy/do you think that beast will rejoin the game

popsicley/what beast..............oh that dumb scissors beast

scissors/what do you just say


scissors/i hear you say i am dumb

popsicley/so what

scissors/i will melt you and chocolatey with flames and fire

chocolatey and popsicley/what!?

(scissors throw posicley in a cage and locked it then scissors throw chocolatey into a cage and locked it)

popsicley and chocolatey/ahhhh.........

scissors/ha in your face

(switch sence to real world)

pizza/that was idiotly silly


*BOTO title screen

slurpy/hey shelly


slurpy/controlly want us to get to the elimination



controly/ ok so we get of total 2800 votes preety much cool

controlly/ok so slurpy gets immunity so she gets a box


(gets the box)

controlly/shelly your safe with 500 votes


(gets the box)

Controlly/pizza is also safe 600 votes


(gets the box)

controlly/hotdog and baguette you both gets the most votes

pizza/i hope hotdog is safe

(showing the votes)

Controlly/bagguete is the last safe with 800 votes goodbye to hotdog with 900 votes


(cylinder falls on hotdog)

hotdog/oh please dont eliminate me now i am really sa-

controlly/rejoining time

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