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14 contestants were picked out by one host to survive 13 days on a toxic island and the last one standing gets the grand prize! And let's just will be brutal,gross,and deadly! Who will win it and who will lose it? Find out on Brawl Of The Objects:Revenge Of The Island!

Episode 1:Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

Controlly:Hello everyone! I am your host Controlly!

Comtrolly:As you see,we are on a island filled with happiness and rainbows right?

The camera shows some hazardous scenes of the island

Controlly:(chuckles)Wrong! This island used to be paradise but now after the war between humans and objects was over,the bombs that dropped on this island turned this island into a waste land!

Controlly:But do you know what's the fun part? Picking out 14 contestants to compete for a prize!

Controlly:Allow me to explain. Each episode,every contestant must do the challenge or their team is up for elimination! And when a team is up for elimination,the members of the team must vote off a contestant from their team and if that contestant gets the most votes,that contestant is eliminated!

Controlly:So let's meet them!


Chocolatey:Wow! This is awesome!


Pizza:I'm not sure about this....

Controlly:Hot Dog!

Hot Dog:My goal:Make a lot of friends


Shelly:What up guys?




Slurpee:I wish I had legs..


Pear:I can't believe I'm going to be competing against a bunch of losers!

Controlly:Pine Cone!

Pine Cone:Yay! Yay! Yay!

Controlly:Party Hat

Party Hat:Wow! Everyone seems to be friendly around me!


Popsicley:It's nice to be here!


Boombox:Hello world!


Shieldy:Yes! Now I have all the characters for my video game!


Scissors:If you go near me,I will crush you!

Controlly:And Baguette!


Controlly:Now they have arrived on the island!

The contestants go to the dock of the island

Controlly:Everyone meet me at the shore

They all go to the shore

Popsicley:What's this meeting about?

Controlly:Well,first it's not a meeting,and second,this is the challenge where the teams will be formed

Hot Dog:So how are we going to do that?

Controlly:Easy! All you have to do is though the path to make to the finish line!

Controlly:And please,dont disturb the animals,they can be awaken by one peep

Chocolatey:Can you give us an example?


He blows an airhorn which awakens the animals

All of the contestants are running except Boombox


The screen flashes to the finish line

Scissors:Yes! After pushing a lot of people,I made it!

Controlly:Congrats Scissors! Your on Team A

Pine Cone:I made it! Yay!

Controlly:Pine Cone,your on Team B


Controlly:Don't worry Shelly,there asleep now.

Controlly:Oh and your on Team A

Chocolatey:OMG I'm so scared!

Controlly:Chocolatey,your on Team B

Baguette:Ai-Je Le Faire?(Did I make it?)

Controlly:Yes! And your on Team A

Popsicley:Seriously Controlly?

Controlly:Sorry,but anyways your on Team B

Pizza:Guess who had to bring Pear with them?

Pear:Move faster!

Pizza:But we just crossed the finish line!


Controlly:Pizza,your on Team A and Pear,your on Team B

Party Hat:Next time,please lose some weight


Controlly:Party Hat,your on Team A and Boombox,your on Team B

Slurpee:Wow! Thanks Boat!


Boat:Im not sure.

Controlly:Slurpee,your on Team A,Hot Dog,your on Team B,and Boat,your on Team A

Shieldy:Sorry if I was late guys. This video game is just too addicting!

Pear:Man,I wish we never have to do the video game challenge

Controlly:Shieldy,your the final member of Team B

Popsicley:So what are the team names?

Scissors:The name will be Team Scissors and Team Losers!

Controlly:Well,I already came up with the team names!

Controlly:Team A will be called....

Controlly:The Radioactive Rats!

Pizza:That's a bit too long,don't you think?

Controlly:Yep,and Team B will be called....

Controlly:The Mutant Maggots!

Pear:Seriously?! I want my team to be called Pear's Super Duper Awesome Squad!

Controlly:Too bad!

Controlly:Now let's get on with the first challenge!

Controlly:The first challenge is to cut the rope that's holding your team totem.After you cut it,you guys must race by riding your totem and the team that's gets to the cabins first is safe! Oh and theres a bomb attached to it and it will explode in seven minutes. GO!

Scissors:This is easy!

She cuts the rope by using herself

Controlly:Wow! Scissors' quick thinking brought the Rats to first!

Scissors:Rats! Get on the totem ASAP!

They get on it

Pear:FASTER! FASTER! FASTER! The Radioactive Rats are ahead of us now!

Hot Dog:I'm trying!

Boombox:Let me help you

Hot Dog:But you don't have arms!

Boombox:But I do have laser eyes

He cuts the rope which frees the totem

Pine Cone:Alright Maggots! Let's get on the totem!

They get on it

Scissors:Yes! We are so going to win this!

Slurpee:Hate to interrupt but look!

They see the Mutant Maggots

Scissors:Oh No! Quick guys! Activate the turbo mode!

Baguette:Mais Il N'est Pas Un Mode Turbo Sur Cet Idiot Totem!(But there isn't a turbo mode idiot!)


Pear:Alright guys! Let's get a sonic boom here!

She turns up Boombox's volume

The sonic boom put them in first

Baguette:Les gars! I'autre équipe est en advance sur nous dès maintenant!(Guys! The other team is ahead of us now!)

Scissors:Listen! I want you to calm down or I have no idea what am going to do to you!

Baguette:Vous ne pouvez pas me dire ce qu'il faut faire!(You can't tell me what to do!)

Shelly and Boat:Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Baguette and Scissors start fighting

Party Hat:Hey guys look!

Scissors:Yay! The finish line!

Pizza:Wait! Why are we in first?

Slurpee:Because Boombox's batteries were dead


The maggots are recharging Boombox

Popsicley:So how many more batteries do we have to charge?

Boombox:About 9 more

Controlly:Well,your too late because the Radioactive Rats win the challenge!

Pear:Grrrr! This is all your fault Boombox! I hope you get eliminated!

Chocolatey:Leave him alone!

Pine Cone:Yeah! He's our team mate!

Pear:You can't tell me what to do!

Controlly:Well,Pine Cone was the first Maggot to get here so he's the team leader


Controlly:And don't forget to meet me at 9:00 p.m.

9:00 p.m.

Controlly:Your all here because your team lost the challenge

Pear:Yeah,because it was all Boombox's fault!


Controlly:Shush! Anyways Maggots,vote for one person who you think should be eliminated!

After all the votes were recived

Controlly:Alright! Before we show who's safe and who's eliminated,I will show you a sign of safety

Boombox:Which is?

Controlly:A Marshmellow.

Controlly:If you don't have enough votes to be eliminated,you get a marshmallow

Controlly:But theres a knock-off of these marshmallows

Boombox:Which is?


Controlly:The Marshmellow Of Toxic Loserdom!

Controlly:This marshmallow is a sign of your elimination

Controlly:If you get the most votes,you will recive the marshmellow

Controlly:Safe with 0 votes is......Chocolatey,Pine Cone,Shieldy,Hot Dog,and Popsicley

Controlly:Boombox and Pear,I have only one marshmallow left. The last person safe with 1 vote is........

Boombox worries about being eliminated

Pear gives him an evilish smile


He gives him a marshmellow


Controlly:Sorry Pear,but The Marshmellow Of Toxic Loserdom is yours!

He uses his toxic proof gloves to throw the marshmellow at her

She quickly dodges it

Popsicley:So what happens to the person if they get eliminated?

Controlly:Well,that's my favorite thing about elimination!

Controlly:Introducing:The Hurl Of Shame!

He walks to Pear

Controlly:Any last words Pear?

Pear:Yes! Boombox's is a fat jerk! You should never trust him! I hope the next time The Mutant Maggots is up for elimination and then they can vote off Boombox!

Controlly:Okay,that's enough talking for today!

He pulls the lever


Controlly:Well that's it folks! With Pear gone,we have our final 13! Will the conflict between Scissors and Baguette get anymore rough? Will Boombox survive another day and forget about Pear? And most importantly,who will be taking The Hurl Of Shame next? Find out on episode 2 of Brawl Of The Objects:Revenge Of The Island!

Episode 2:Truth Or Laser Shark

Controlly:Good morning campers!

Controlly:Are you ready for the second challenge?

Hot Dog:Ummm......Yeah?

Controlly:Good! Then meet me at the lake

They all walk to the lake

Controlly:Alright! Before we do the challenge,we have a new rule!

Popsicley:And what is this new rule?

Controlly:Whoever wins the challenge for their team gets a Controlly Idol!

Controlly:If you use it,it will grant you immunity and you get to choose who is eliminated!


Controlly:Scissors won for her team so she gets a Controlly Idol

He throws the idol to her

Scissors:Yes! Now I can eliminate any person of my choice!

Controlly:Yeah,Yeah. Now everyone take your seats

Everyone is seated

Controlly:The second challenge is a "get-to-know-you" trivia. The point of this challenge is to tell an embarrassing secret.If the secret is true,you earn one point for your team but if you lie about the secret,you will be dunked underwater and the other team must tell the secret correctly or they will be dunked underwater as well.The team with 5 points at the end wins. GO!

Controlly:Rats First! Maggots Second!

Controlly:Who fell into a pit of eels when he/she was 6?

Shelly:Me! I was dancing for snow but it turns out it was the eel dance! Silly me!




Controlly:Who broke their leg on summer vacation?

Shieldy:Me....I knew this video game was too addicting.




Controlly:Who ate a raw meatball on Friday?

Pizza:Me. I thought it was a slice of pepperroni.



Controlly:Who failed 4 math tests and 2 reading tests?

Chocolatey:Me. I thought math was reading and reading was math




Controlly:Who broke their mothers favorite toy and was grounded for 2 weeks?

Scissors:Me. I thought it was a gift for my birthday.




Controlly:Who has a flea as a girlfriend?

Pine Cone:Me. She was just too beautiful!




Controlly:Who has 7 annoying brothers?

Baguette:Moi! Mes frères se concentrer uniquement sur leur culture!(Me! My brothers only focus on their culture!)


He dunks the Radioactive Rats in the water

Scissors:Nice move Baguette!

They see a shark


They return to the surface

Controlly:That secret was wrong! That means the Maggots must guess the secret and if they guess right,they get a point!

Popsicley:Party Hat.

Party Hat:(sighs)She's right. I have 7 brothers

Popsicley:And their names are Green,Orange,Blue,Purple,Turqoise,Black,and Gold. And her mother is having another baby so that means Party Hat(Yellow) will have 8 brothers

Controlly:Bravo! You get a point for your team!




Controlly:Who has an evil side?

Boombox:Me. I like to change my personally sometimes.


He dunks the Mutant Maggots



They see a shark

Pine Cone:Ahhhhh!

They return to the surface

Controlly:Now the Rats must tell the secret correctly and if they do,they get a point!

Boat:Hot Dog.

Hog Dog:That's true. I have a evil personally. His name is Tofu Dog

Controlly:The rats get a point!



Controlly:Popsicley and Slurpee will be in a tiebreaker!

Controlly:Popsicley,Why did Slurpee change her name?

Controlly:Slurpee,What year was it when Popsicley lost her flavor?

Popsicley:Because everyone made fun of her.


Controlly:The winner is........



Controlly:Popsicley gets a Controlly Idol

Controlly:Rats. See me at 9:00 p.m.

9:00 p.m.

Controlly:Your team lost due to Slurpee losing for her team

Pine Cone:Seriously?


Scissors:Wait! I use my Controlly Idol!

Controlly:Okay! Then choose who you want gone!

Scissors:Hmmm.....let me's Baguette!


Controlly:Sorry Baguette but The Marshmellow Of Toxic Loserdom is yours

He throws it at Baguette

He dodges it

We now see him in The Hurl Of Shame

Controlly:Any last words?

Baguette drinks a glass of water

Baguette:(Amercian Voice)I do!

Everyone gasps

Shelly:Your American?!

Baguette:Of course! I used my french voice because I wanted everyone to think I'm special! Oh,and Scissors,this isn't the last time we will see each other. I will be back. Because I'm never gone!

Controlly:Time's Up!

He pulls the lever

Baguette:You'll pay for this Scissors!

Controlly:Now that the french menace is gone,we have the final 12! Will Hot Dog try to protect his team from his evil side? Will Slurpee tell everyone her previous name isn't that bad? And most importantly,when will the BaguettexScissors fan stuff stop?! Seriously! This is getting out of hand! Find out on Episode 3 of Brawl Of The Objects:Revenge Of The Island!

Episode 3:Ice Ice Baby

7:00 a.m.

Scissors:Ugg! It's so cold here!

Party Hat:I know right?

Boat:It's so sad Baguette is gone. You and him could have start a relationship.

Scissors:Shut Up!

Slurpee:Okay why is this place getting colder?

Party Hat:I'm going outside

She sees a snowy environment

Party Hat:Ahhhhhhh!

Shieldy:Dude,do not be the only one here!

She sees the Maggots

Popsicley:Guys! What's that?

Controlly:(chuckles)It's me!

Shelly:Why did you put us in a frozen wasteland?!

Controlly:Because this is the place for the third challenge!

The snow storm stops

Controlly:As you see,we are on the top of the biggest mountain on this island.

Pizza:Okay,but what's the third challenge gonna be?

Controlly:The third challenge is a game of Artic Capture The Flag! You guys have two forts,one for each team. It will work like the original Capture The Flag except theres a new rule.There are snowballs called Mystery Balls.Whenever these are thown,they show a power like fire and acid and smoke. And be careful! The sun will rise and will melt your fort. The team that gets the other team's flag is safe for the day. Go!

Scissors:Come on guys! Let's use the mystery balls!

She throws a mystery ball and it had smoked in it

Hot Dog:Come on guys! We need to get out of here!

Pine Cone:Okay!

They all exit their fort until its completely clear

Popsicley:Wow! That was close!

Pine Cone:If we are going to survive,we need a plan!

Pine Cone:Popsicley,Shieldy,and Hot Dog will have to get the flag while me,Boombox,and Chocolatey stay and guard the fort. Got that?

Popsicley,Shieldy,Hot Dog,Boombox,and Chocolatey:Yep!

Pine Cone:Okay! Now get running!


Scissors:Go Pizza Go!

He runs to the fort

Tofu Dog(Hot Dog):Okay,you ain't going nowhere son!

Slurpee:What the?

Party Hat:Fire the mystery ball!

She shoots it and it gives out acid

Chocolatey:Guys! Acid is flooding our castle!

Pine Cone:We need to fire the mystery balls!

Boombox:How many?

Pine Cone:All of them.....

Scissors runs to the Maggot's fort

Boombox:Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!

Pine Cone:You aint going to touch our flag!


She slides down and gets the flag

Pine Cone:(gasps)She has the flag! Fire the cannon!

Chocolatey:Sure thing!

The sun is now rising

Shieldy:Guys! Look!

They see their fort melting

Hot Dog:Quick guys! We have to go back!

Hot Dog frees Pizza

Pizza:Uggg....Oh my god! The fort is melting!

The cannon fires

Scissors dodges it and it hits the fort

She runs to her fort and wins for her team

Shelly:Alright Scissors! You rock!

Pizza:Quick guys! We need to protect our fort!

Party Hat:Pizza,we won the challenge.


Controlly:Yep. And Scissors wins another Controlly Idol


Controlly:Maggots. Meet me at 9:00 p.m.

9:00 p.m.

Controlly:You guys lost because of Scissors' sweet moves

Pine Cone:Grrrr!

Popsicley:I use my Controlly Idol!

Controlly:Okay! Then choose someone to be eliminated!

Popsicle:Okay. Don't get mad at me guys but I was secretly Pear's friend. And after her elimination,I was the only one to keep her promise. And since this is our second time up for elimination. I choose Boombox.

Boombox:Are you kidding me?!

Controlly:Sorry Boombox but the Marshmellow Of Toxic Loserdom is now yours!

He throws it

Boombox dodges it

He now see Boombox in the Hurl Of Shame

Controlly:Any last words?

Boombox:Yes. Because I want to tell Popsicley that she will be eliminated the next time the Mutant Maggots lose!

Controlly:Almost the same as Pear's but at least it has some original words.

He pulls the lever


Controlly:(chuckles)Now without everyone's favorite contestant,we have reached the final 11! Will Pine Cone become the new Pear? Will Scissors admit that she's becoming a good guy now? And most importantly,will the fans complain about this or what? Seriously. Find out on Episode 4 of Brawl Of The Objects:Revenge Of The Island!

Episode 4:Finders Creepers

1:00 a.m

Controlly blows a airhorn

Shieldy:What the heck Controlly?!

Controlly:Sorry! Anyways meet me at the elimination area!

Chocolatey:But it's 1 a.m in the morning!

Controlly:I don't care.

They all arrive

Controlly:So your wondering why are we here during nighttime?

Pine Cone:Yeah. That's the same thing I wanna know

Controlly:Well. We are doing this because this will be our setting for the fourth challenge!

Slurpee:Which is?

Controlly:The fourth challenge is a scaventure hunt. There are 3 places you must go:The forest,the pet cemetary,and the cave. There are 3 souvenirs waiting for you and if you return to the island with all your souvenirs,you win immunity for your team.If a team gets to that place first,they get a clue.Oh and one more thing. We found a big spider in the cave so you might wanna be careful. GO!

They run to the forest

The rats get here first thanks to Scissors

Scissors:Yes! We are here!

A phone rings

Shelly grabs it


Controlly:Check the trees. There is only one tree with a hole and that tree has the first souvenir.

Boat:What did it say?

Shelly:It said to check the trees and only one of them has the first souvenir


Party Hat:What the?

They see webs

Everyone from the Radioactive Rats scream

Slurpee:OMG! Pizza has been captured!

She sees web on her head

She gets captured

Scissors:Now Slurpee been taken too!

Boat:Guys I found the tree!

The rats run to Boat

Party Hat:That is one tall tree!

Boat:I know right?

The Mutant Maggots arrive

Shieldy:Oh No! The Radioactive Rats are ahead of us now!

They quickly sprint to the tree

Popsicley climbs it

Scissors:Almost there!

Popsicley pushes her to the bottom

Scissors:No fair!

Chocolatey and Boat get taken by the spider

Popsicley:Yes! I got.........a key?

Slurpee:Hey! Where did Chocolatey and Boat go?

Hot Dog:Oh No! They been taken!

Pine Cone:Quick guys! We need to get to the pet cemetary now!

The Mutant Maggots run to the pet cemetary

Scissors:Let's go Rats!

They run

The Maggots now place first

Shieldy:Now we can get our second clue!

They see a tablet saying 6-6-18-6

Popsicley:That's weird. Don't you think Hot Dog? Hot Dog? Hot Dog?

Pine Cone:Dude! He been captured by the spider!

Shieldy:Guys I think we know what 6-6-18-6 means

They run to Shieldy and they see a gravestone saying 6-6-18-6

Popsicley:It's the same number as the tablet!

Shieldy:Let's get digging!

The Rats arrive

Shelly:Did anyone forget the key?

Scissors:I have in my hand!

Shelly:Good job!

Party Hat:Guys! The Maggots are now ahead of us!

Pine Cone:The good news is:We found the coffin. The bad news is:It's locked.

Popsicley:Maybe this key will help

The maggots find a pet corpse



Popsicley:Who would leave flashlights in a coffin?

Pine Cone:I'm not sure but lets go to the cave!

They run to the cave

Shieldy:Don't forget the key!

Popsicley:Oh yeah.

She gets the keys

The Radioactive Rats find the flashlights

Shelly:Cool! Flashlights!

Party Hat:And a dead animal

They run to the cave

Pine Cone:Man. It's sure dark in here.

Popsicley:Let's turn on our flashlights

They turn on the flashlights

Shieldy:I'm scared now!

Popsicley:Yeah. I'm so scared,I think going to lose my flavor

She sees her flavor dripping

She blocks it

Shieldy:Hey Popsicley


Shieldy:Have you seen Pine Cone?

They look the floor and they don't see Pine Cone

Scissors:Come on guys! We have to move on!


Scissors:(gasps)Oh No! They have been taken by the spider!

Scissors:(gasps)The final souvenir!

She hears noises

She follows them until she sees the spider and victims

Scissors:(gasps)Now its time for payback

She angrily attacks the spider

The two remaining Maggots hear the noise

They see Scissors fighting the spider

Popsicley:Shieldy! Let me throw you!


He gets thown by Popsicley and he defeats the spider by hitting his head


Shieldy:Now lets free the contestants

Popsicley:I have a torch


He uses it to burn the web

Popsicley:Yes! We did it!

Chocolatey:Yeah,I know. But where's the final souvenir?

Pine Cone:I think this is the souvenir!

Controlly:That's because it is the souvenir!


Controlly:So it looks like the Maggots win!

Pine Cone:Cool. But what were the souvenirs for?

Controlly:They were for a prize! Maggots,here's your prize!

He reveals a box of soda

Everyone from the Maggots:Yeah!

Controlly:Shieldy defeated the spider so he gets a Controlly Idol

Controlly:Rats. Meet me at 9:00 p.m.

9:00 p.m.

Controlly:You guys lost due to Scissors not defeating the spider correctly

Boat glares at Scissors

Scissors:Why is everyone mad at me?

Controlly:I don't know

Scissors:Me two. But I would like to use my Controlly Idol

Controlly:Okay! Then choose one person to go home

Scissors:The person going home is................Pizza!


Scissors:I'm doing this because you ate a raw meatball,you almost got killed by Hot Dog,and you were the first victim of the spider. And if there's a nicer way of saying this,I would say:Your garbage

Controlly:Sorry Pizza but you have been eliminated and you get the Marshmellow Of Toxic Loserdom

He throws it

Pizza dodges it and it hits the ground

He now see Pizza in the Hurl Of Shame

Controlly:Any last words?

Pizza:Yes! The last thing I want to say to my team is that they can't trust Scissors anymore. She becoming evil again!

Controlly:Ooooooo! Drama!

He pulls the lever

Pizza:Don't trust Scissors!

Controlly:First Pear,Then Baguette,Next was Boombox,and finally Pizza is out of the game. And with that settled,we have our final 10! Will the Rats trust Scissors or will they have to face her evil side again? Will Popsicley and Scissors stop hogging all the idols? And most importantly,will Boat ever get more screentime? Find out on Episode 5 of Brawl Of The Objects:Revenge Of The Island!

Episode 5:Backstabbers Ahoy!

Popsicley:Hey Chocolatey

Chocolatey:What do you want?!

Popsicley:I just want to say is...

Chocolatey:Oh! I know what your trying to say!(mimicks) Hey Chocolatey! How about we vote off a friendly contestant?Great idea! But too bad!

Popsicley:Chocolatey! I going to say:I'm Sorry!

Chocolatey:Wait. You really mean that?


Chocolatey:Okay! Then we are best friends again!

Popsicley:Yay! And don't forget to tell this to the other team!


Controlly:Campers! Meet me at the dock for your fifth challenge!

They all arrive

Controlly:Is everyone here?


Controlly:Alright! Then let's do the fifth challenge!

Controlly:The fifth challenge is called water-ski target range. All you have to do is shoot the bells with exploding mutant seagulls. One person will be driving. One person will be shooting. And 3 people will be water-skiing. The team that gets 3 bells ringed at the end wins for their team. Before we start,who wants to drive the speedboats?


Boat:I guess me. Despite me being a boat.

Controlly:Now who wants to shoot?

Shieldy:Me! It will be easy as a first-person shooter!

Scissors:Me! Ringing those bells will be easy as crushing a human spine!

Shelly:I think Pizza was right about his speech

Controlly:Slurpee,Party Hat,and Shelly will be using the water-ski

Slurpee:I have arms so I should hold on the ropes while Party Hat and Shelly sit on top of me

Controlly:Okay! Then Hot Dog,Chocolatey,and Pine Cone will be using the water-ski

Hot Dog:Can I hold the ropes? Please?

Controlly:Okay! Is everyone ready?


Controlly:Okay! Ready,Set,GO!

Popsicley and Boat start the speedboats

Shieldy:I see one!

He scores one point for his team

Scissors:Oh you ain't going to shoot this one!

Slurpee:Scissors! We need to use them for the bells!

Scissors:Shut it Legless!

She trys to take out Shieldy but his body reflects it

It hits instead

Party Hat:We lost our shooter!

Scissors:No you didn't!



Shieldy shoots the seagull and gets another point for his team

Scissors:If they think taking out their shooter is impossible,I think taking out their driver would be possible

She shoots the seagull at Popsicley

She is hurt


She is knocked out

Scissors:Hah! Hah!

Shelly:Dude! We only have 1 mutant seagull left!

Scissors:Really? Explain those!

She points at the 3 point bells

Pine Cone:Popsicley! Wake up!

Tofu Dog:It's too late now dum-dum!

Pine Cone:What the?

He sees Tofu Dog

He rubs his eyes and sees Hot Dog

Pine Cone:That was weird. Anyways Shieldy,can you drive?

Shieldy:Heck yeah!

Chocolatey:But who's going to be the shooter?

Pine Cone:You are!

Chocolatey:What?! But I'm a horrible shooter!

Pine Cone:Well,I watch a lot of movies,and the loser always becomes the cool guy at the end.

Chocolatey:I am a girl.


Scissors:Alright! Let's get a 3 point bell and we are safe!

She shoots

Chocolatey:Oh boy! Let's hope this is perfect

She shoots

The camera flashes from Scissors's seagull to Chocolatey's seagull

There is a big explosion

Controlly:And the winner is.......


All of the Mutant Maggots:Yay!

Controlly:She also gets a Controlly Idol!


Controlly:Rats. Meet me at 9:00 p.m.

8:45 p.m.

Shelly:I can't believe Scissors was lying to us this whole entire time!

Slurpee:I know right? Pizza didn't deserve to go! He was a great competitor!

Party Hat:That little idiot is going to pay!

Boat:But how are we going to stop it?

Party Hat:Okay! Everyone must vote for Scissors

Shelly:That's a great idea!

9:00 p.m.

Controlly:You are all here due to Scissors missing the 3-point bell

Scissors give an evil glare to Boat

Boat:What the heck man?

Controlly:Alright! Nobody had idols so people. Vote who you think should be eliminated.

30 seconds later

Controlly:Okay! Did everyone vote?


Controlly:Okay! Then the three people safe with no votes are.....

Controlly:Boat,Party Hat,and Shelly

Controlly:Scissors and Slurpee. One of you is safe with 1 vote while the other got 4 votes.

Controlly:The final person safe is.......

Slurpee begins worrying about her elimination

Scissors give her the evil smile



Controlly:Sorry Scissors but The Marshmellow Of Toxic Loserdom is now in your hands!

He throws it

She somehow grabs it and eats the whole thing

We now see her in the Hurl Of Shame

Controlly:Any last words?

Scissors:Yes! Party Hat looks like a little girl,Shelly is a ripoff of Ariel,Slurpee is a legless freak,and Boat is a big,fat,ugly piece of crap!

Controlly:I think that's enough insulting for today.

He pulls the lever

Scissors:And Controlly looks like a elephant's ballsack!

Controlly:Wow! Im glad she's gone! Now we have our final 9! Will Chocolatey tell everyone that Popsicley was sorry for eliminating Boombox? Will the Radioactive Rats forget about Scissors' elimination? And most importantly,will this Tofu Dog rumor come to an end? Seriously! It's freaking me out! Find out on Episode 6 of Brawl Of The Objects:Revenge Of The Island!

Episode 6:Runaway Model

Shelly:Wow guys! We made it so far into the game!

Chocolatey:I know right?

Boat:We should make an alliance!

Chocolatey:But we are not on the same team!


Controlly:Attention campers! Meet me at the stage!

Everyone goes to the stage

Controlly:Is everyone ready for the sixth challenge?



Controlly:The sixth challenge is to find an animal and dress it up.It can be any type of animal including the ones that have been mutated! There will be three judges:Me,Pear,and Scissors. We will rate it from a scale from 1-10.If your team has the most points,they are safe for the day. Go!

Chocolatey:So what animal should we choose?

Popsicley:How about a Sasquatch?

Pine Cone:That would be a great idea!

Shieldy:In fact,I already found him!


Party Hat:So what did you find?

Boat:A mutant raccoon

Party Hat:Great idea!

Boat:So are we going to dress it up or what?

Party Hat:Come on Rats! Let's win this challenge!


Pine Cone:Now put a bow on her!

Pine Cone:Now give her a pedicure!

Pine Cone:Now give her some perfume!

Pine Cone:Now put a extra bow on her!

Popsicley:Please stop it!

Pine Cone:No! This is my team and you guys must do whatever I say!


Shelly;This is awesome! We are so going to win this!

2 hours later

Controlly:Times up! Let's see the results!

He sees The Radioactive Rats' animal

Controlly:That's pretty cool! 10 out of 10

Pear:That is so right for a raccoon! 10 out of 10

Scissors:Awesome design! 10 out of 10

Controlly:Now let's see The Mutant Maggots' animal

He sees the Mutant Maggots' ugly animal

Controlly:Ugh! That looks like a female Godzilla! 1 out of 10

Pear:You guys have no taste in fashion! 1 out of 10

Scissors:I think it's pretty awesome! 10 out of 10



Controlly:The Rats win the challenge!

Pine Cone:I can't believe you guys made us lost!

Popsicley:Are you kidding me?! You are the one that made our team lose idiot!

Pine Cone:Listen! I'm the team leader and you must do whatever I say!

Controlly:Enough! Anyways,Maggots. Meet me at 9:00 p.m.

9:00 p.m.

Controlly:You guys lost because Pine Cone had no taste in fashion

Everyone glares at him

Controlly:But anyways....

Chocolatey:I use my Controlly idol!

Controlly:Okay! Then choose one person to be eliminated!

Chocolatey:Hmmm........well. Pine Cone used to be funny and cute but now,he's becoming a male version of Pear. So I pick him

Pine Cone:Noooooooo!

Controlly:Sorry Pine Cone but the Marshmellow Of Toxic Loserdom is now yours to keep!

He throws it

He shifts away from it

He is now in the Hurl Of Shame

Controlly:Any last words?

Pine Cone:Yes! I wanted to tell my team that they were absolute idiots throughout the challenges. And besides,who would want to eliminate the most valuable player in the game!?

Controlly:I'm not sure Pine Cone. I'm not sure.

He pulls the lever

Pine Cone:I should be ashamed Chocolatey!

Controlly:Well. It looks like the teeny tiny guy is now out of the game! We have the final 8! Will Chocolatey regret eliminating Pine Cone? Will Shelly ever stop being so happy? And most importantly,will Pear and Scissors team up to make a squad because I eliminated them? Find out on episode 7 of Brawl Of The Objects:Revenge Of The Island!

Episode 7:A Mine Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

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