This is supposed to be an episode that follows BOTO Episode 6' - BOTO's Night Contest.  You should read that fanfic if you haven't done so already.

(Popsicley and Chocolatey are standing next to each other.  Popsicley has a smile on her face, and Chocolatey's face is neutral.)

Popsicley / Hey, Chocolatey!

Chocolatey / Uh, what is it?

Popsicley / Remember how you said you were gonna watch your TV program, "Wonka conventions"?

Chocolatey / Yeah?

Popsicley (with a wide smile) / Well, yo' just missed it.

Chocolatey (angrily) / What?!

Popsicley / You never asked me when it started.

Chocolatey / Hey, that's not very nice!  I was waiting for today so I could see my program, and you made me miss it!  Now I have to wait a whole year to see it!  And it's your fault!  And... I thought we were friends!

Popsicley (now also angry) / What?!  So now you think we're not friends?!  I thought better of you!

Chocolatey / Someday when you get voted off the show you'll understand how I feel...

Popsicley / And I'll be hurting you in your sleep if you keep at it!

(they growl at each other)

Hot Dog (walking over) / Whoah there girls!  What is going on here?

Popsicley (pointing to Chocolatey) / She's backstabbing me!

Chocolatey (pointing to Popsicley) / Well, she made me miss the TV program I waited for all year!

Popsicley (to Chocolatey) / I did not!

(Chocolatey disarms Popsicley)

Hot Dog / What seriously?!  I thought you were friends!

Chocolatey / We would be if she hadn't done her mean thing!

  • BOTO Title Screen * 

Party Hat / Aww...

Slurpy / What?

Party Hat / I'm just sad that our friendship group is pretty much doomed without Shieldy.

Boombox / Maybe someone can substitute him.

Shelly (walking over) / Hey Party Hat!  Can I join your friendship group?

Party Hat / You know what?  Of course you can!  But if Shieldy ever comes back, don't get mad, okay?

Shelly / Okay...

Controlly / Hey Team Vanilla!  Since all of you fell asleep last month, you six are up for elimination.  Come with me to the elimination area.

(Song: "Elimination, Elimination Time, ooh, someone's gonna get their b*tt k*cked, Elimination Time!")

Controlly / Hello everyone!  This time we got a total of 1880 votes, 99 less than last time.  Remember, if you're safe, you get a box.

Xylophone / "Remember"?

Controlly / Oh sorry, I forgot.  Since Xylophone is here, I need to go over the rules one more time: One box contains something you'll find useful in the challenge while the rest contain things you seriously couldn't care less about.

Slurpy / Gee, that's exciting.*

Controlly / Anyways, Party Hat is safe with 115 votes.  That I expected, because he was awake the latest of all of you.

(box tossed to Party Hat)

Party Hat / Wow, that's good.

Controlly / Next safe is Slurpy, with 171 votes.

(box tossed to Slurpy)

Slurpy/ Woo hoo!

Controlly / Xylophone and Boombox, you two are also safe with 276 and 353 votes respectively.

(boxes tossed to Xylophone and Boombox)

Xylophone / Yes!

Boombox / Yay!

Controlly / It is now down to Shelly and Pinecone.

Party Hat / Shelly better not be eliminated, she just joined our friendship group!

Controlly / Well, let's reveal the votes.

(The bars of Shelly and Pinecone both stop at pretty much the same place at the very right of the screen, and no numbers are displayed)

Controlly / Wow, that's so close I can't tell!  I guess we're going to need a tiebreaker.

Party Hat / Wait!  Aren't there supposed to be numbers to the right of the bars?

Controlly / Oh, right!  It was really hot this morning so the screen got steamed.  (wipes off the steam) Thanks for mentioning it.  (Shelly's number is 482, and Pinecone's number is 483.)

Controlly / Shelly is the last safe with 482 votes, a single vote less than Pinecone.

(box tossed to Shelly)

Shelly / Woo hoo!

(cylinder falls on Pinecone)

Pinecone / Aaaaaaaaah!

(cylinder freezes)

Baguette / Aww, c'est tellement triste de le voir là. (Aww, it's so sad to see him gone.)*

Controlly / Alright, Party Hat, Boombox, Shelly, Slurpy and Xylophone!  You can all open your boxes now!

(they do so)

Xylophone / I got a pacifier.

Boombox / Same.

Party Hat / I also got one.

Shelly / Hmm... so did I.  What did you get, Slurpy?

Slurpy / I got a hose.

Xylophone / It's curious how there's a water tank at the back end of the hose.

Party Hat / Without one, how will it squirt water?  It's not screwed into a wall!

Controlly / Alright everyone, are you all ready for the next challenge?

Boombox / Ya', we waited long enough!

Controlly (generates a tunnel) / In this challenge, you will walk all the way through this tunnel.

Party Hat / It's a good thing I'm not scared of tunnels!

Controlly / No no no, the challenge is not to be the first to get to the end.  In fact, that has nothing to do with the challenge.

Hot Dog / Then is the challenge to enjoy the tunnel?

Popsicley / Maybe we're supposed to repair some broken parts?

Boat / I wouldn't be surprised if the challenge was to not die.

Controlly / It's none of those three.

Slurpy / Then what is the challenge?

Controlly / Well, I've been finding a lot of friends lately.  So this challenge you're supposed to be helpful.  Every time you help someone, you get a point for your team.

Hot Dog (sniffing) / bad memories...*

Controlly / What's the matter this time, Hot Dog?

Hot Dog / It's just that... that... I feel bad for voting Shieldy off the show.  He was my friend.  I don't know what went over my team back then.

Controlly / It's okay.  He might come back soon, as BOTO will have two rejoins.

Hot Dog / But what about Pizza?  I feel sorry for his singing issues.

Chocolatey / Hey Hot Dog!  Wanna be friends?

Hot Dog / OF COURSE! (Hot Dog and Chocolatey hug each other)

Popsicley / Huh??

Chocolatey / See, that's what you get for teasing me! 

Controlly / Anyways, are you all ready for the challenge!

Xylophone / We sure are!

Controlly / Then let's go!


(in the tunnel)

Party Hat / This place sure does look weird.

Controlly / There are a lot of obstacles in the way, I must warn!

Xylophone / Wait, what?

Controlly / Yep, this is no ordinary tunnel.  Your goal is to not only get through the tunnel, but to help friends.  The teams will likely be apart from each other.

Hot Dog / Hey, I remember getting these water goggles yesterday. (takes out water googles) Here, you can have them, Chocolatey. (gives them to Chocolatey)

Chocolatey / Wow, thanks, Hot Dog!

Controlly / What do you know?  Hot Dog earns a point already!

(+1 for Team Chocolate)

Controlly / Team Vanilla, you guys lost twice in a row.  Try to win this one, okay?

(Party Hat, Slurpy, Shelly and Xylophone nod)

Controlly / Good.

(Team Vanilla starts walking through the tunnel)

Shelly / Uh oh, there's a ledge!

Boombox / Come on, everyone get on me!

(the four other contestants get on him)

(Boombox takes a huge step over the ledge)

Boombox / Another point!

(+1 for Team Vanilla)

(switch to Team Chocolate)

Boat / Hey, Popsicley?

Popsicley / Don't talk to me, Boat.  I'm in a bad mood.

Boat / I was offering to carry you.

Popsicley / No, thanks.  I just don't feel like it.

Boat / Hot Dog?  You wanna be carried?  I'm proud of you giving your goggles!

Hot Dog / Really?  Thanks!

(+1 for Team Chocolate)

(switch to Team Vanilla)

(they stop at an animate plate of Poutine)

Poutine (in a French accent) / You guys shall not pass, until you ticket me with a French folk song.

Party Hat / Hmm, well, as far as I know, only Boombox and Xylophone can play music.

Boombox / French folk song?  Uhh, I'm not sure how to-

Xylophone / I'll do it! (takes out a mallet and plays "Alouette": 4--56-6-54564-1-4--56-6-54564---)

(Poutine unblocks the path)

Party Hat / Oh my birthday, thanks, Xylophone!

Xylophone / I was watching your singing contest in Episode 4.*

(+1 for Team Vanilla)

Controlly (from outside the tunnel) / Well, well, both teams are tied at 2!

(Team Vanilla is walking towards where there's fire on the wall)

Boombox / This place looks vaguely familiar.

Party Hat / Remember when we went here with Party Tail?

Boombox / Oh, yeah, right.

Xylophone / It's getting kind of warm here...

(they get to the fire, and Shelly catches on fire)

Shelly / AHHHH!!!  HELP ME!!!

Slurpy / SHELLY!!  Oh no...

Party Hat / Quick!  Get out your hose!

(Slurpy gets out her hose, and sprays and extinguishes all the fire on the walls and Shelly)

Shelly / Ah, that's better.  Thanks!

Slurpy / You're welcome!

(+1 for Team Vanilla)

(switch to Team Chocolate)

(wall suddenly closes in front of them)

Hot Dog / Uh oh!

(message on wall says: "To get across, greet me without saying `hello`.")

Chocolatey / How do we do that?  Let's see we can remember any of the phrases that we learned...

Baguette (idea light bulb) / Bonjour!

(wall opens)

Chocolatey / Wow, that was quick!

(+1 for Team Chocolate)

(switch to Team Vanilla in a cheese room)

Party Hat / Okay guys, now we're in a cheese room.

Xylophone / Smells tasty.

(they go to quicksand)

Slurpy / Uh oh!  There's a vat of quicksand!

Shelly (jumps on quicksand) / Here, everyone use me to get across!

(everyone gets across by stepping on Shelly.  Then Shelly quickly leaps out before disappearing.)

Slurpy / Thanks, Shelly!  That's so nice!

Shelly / You help me, I help you!

(+1 for Team Vanilla)

(switch to Team Chocolate)

(there's a pool of water and a sign saying, "MUST SWIM THROUGH WATER TO GO FURTHER.")

Popsicley / Fine, I'll get in you, Boat. (does so)

Boat / Aw, I don't have enough room for anyone else.

Chocolatey / I'm fine.  I have water goggles.  Baguette can clutch on me!

(+1 for Team Chocolate)

Controlly / Both teams are tied at 4.  And time's almost up!

(switch to Team Vanilla)

Slurpy / Look, we're close to the finish!

Xylophone / Now if we want to win, we have to do one more helpful thing before the other team.

Shelly / Yeah, it's a good thing Xylophone joined our team, otherwise Team Chocolate would highly have the advantage!

(switch to Team Chocolate)

(We recall that Hot Dog and Popsicley are in Boat.)

Boat / Hey guys, my legs hurt.  Would you be willing to get out of me now?

Chocolatey / I don't think you can ask people to help you.

Hot Dog / But the teams are tied, so if we don't do anything helpful quickly, we'll lose!

(switch to Team Vanilla)

Boombox / Do you see what I see?

(below the word EXIT are two openings, one to a daytime scene and one to a nighttime scene)

Xylophone / Wait, which of those is the exit?

Slurpy / Uhh... I don't know.

Party Hat / Wait, there's a sign.

"There are two paths out of sight.  One leads somewhere very bright, And one leads someplace where there are A hundred thousand different stars.  Only one of these leads out, Where the sky is high about.  The other very firmly locks You in a strong and wooden box.  So think about which one to use, And use the path after you choose.  Be fast! for those who want ten dimes, You do not have a lot of time!"

Shelly / So we have to decide which opening gets us out of the tunnel.  And if we take the wrong one, we're in big trouble.

Slurpy / I'm pretty sure it's daytime; I'm not tired at all.

Party Hat / Wait!  We shouldn't make assumptions.  (takes out his digital clock from the previous episode)  [Checking to see that the clock is in the correct time zone... yep!]  It's 9:30 P.M.  So it's nighttime.  This must have been a long challenge!

Controlly / And Party Hat helped his entire team!

(+1 for Team Vanilla)

Party Hat / Come on, let's all go into the nighttime opening! (they do so) (they succesfully get outside, then say "YEAH!" together)

[This day-night concept is taken from BFS, for those who are curious.  I loved it.  I made up the rhyme.]

Controlly / Time's up!  Everyone come here. (everyone shows up) So, since each team has exactly 5 members, and everyone did something helpful except Popsicley, (Popsicley attempts to disarm Controlly) Team Vanilla has 5 points and Team Chocolate has 4, so Team Vanilla wins at last!

(Team Vanilla cheers)

Controlly / They also get extra credit for figuring out that it's nighttime!

Popsicley thinks / Aww, why did I do that to Chocolatey?  I shouldn't have done it in the first place!  She didn't deserve to be treated that way!*

(Chocolatey starts walking away)

Popsicley (out loud) / Hey Chocolatey? (starting to walk towards her)

Chocolatey / Get lost.  You're mean.

Popsicley / But Chocolatey, I'm trying t-


Popsicley / Dude, seriously, I-

Chocolatey / SHUT UP!  Our friendship is over!  Now I'd rather be with Hot Dog!

Hot Dog (runs over) / Chocolatey, I think Popsicley's trying to apologize for being mean to you.  You should let her say something.  Please!

Chocolatey / *sigh* Okay.  What is it, Popsicley?

Popsicley / Chocolatey, I'm sorry for teasing you.  I now realize that it was the wrong thing to do.

Chocolatey (now happy) / Really?  So we're friends again?

Popsicley / Of course we are! (they hug each other)

(switch back to where everyone else is)

Controlly / Anyways, Team Chocolate is up for elimination.  (showing screen with Hot Dog, Popsicley, Chocolatey, Baguette and Boat)  So viewers, vote anyone off of Team Chocolate.  Voting ends August 7 and Episode 8 comes out on September 1.  Well, if all goes well.

  • BOTO Credits *

(nighttime just like right before)

(Popsicley is lying asleep on a collection of ice)

(Chocolatey walks over with a match set on fire, and lowers the fire near Popsicley.  Then she immediately lifts it up.)

Chocolatey / Oh my Hershey, what just went over me? (walks away)

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