A bunch of Episode 10 examples that came to my head when there were 9 episodes.

  • "A Wondrous Change in the World", (thanks to Cubey), where Platform 9 3/4 is entered and they make their way to the top of a pole.
  • Revisiting the Tournament Bracket - written here!
  • "Goldfinger Cooking", where Hot Dog has a fever from eating brussell sprouts from a bin saying "PLEASE DON'T EAT THESE", then gets brussell sprout fever, and the challenge is to fix eggplant soup for him, and they do it in a James-Bond-esque way.  (Frankly, I'm not sure I understand Goldfinger.)
  • "Amphibian Scavenger", where everyone rides boats on the water (except Boat who uses herself) and hunts for lilypads and other things related to amphibians...
  • "Forest Speedrun" (thanks to a Sonic channel for the text!) where the challenge is to race to the finish; but you get revenge lemons for answering questions correctly, and you can throw them at other members to push them back from the finish.  (The one in my fan picture)
  • "Love Stories", a Valentine's Day special for February...

The official episode is here.

The same is true for Episode 11 examples, when there were 10 episodes (a period longer than a year).

  • Rescue from Heights
  • "Can You Surf Like a Shell?" (want to see my fanmade image?)
  • "Loss at the 4-Path Cross" (what Hot Dog said the episode would be)