The following scenes were considered a bit redundant for the episode.

Thaws in Castle's Point of ViewEdit

(Controlly presses a button which thaws all the cylinders)

(scene in castle with Scissors, Pear and Pizza)

Scissors / Why does everyone think I want to be princess anyways?!

Pear / Because you never told them you didn't!

Scissors / Well, that's because I never get a chance to... (fades out and disappears) (crown falls on the ground)

Pear / OMG!

Pizza / What just happened? Is there a problem with the castle?

Pear / I don't know but... (fades out and disappears)

Pizza / Ack!

(scene in real world)

Scissors / FINALLY!! Controlly must have gone insane!

Pear / Well, at least we're perfectly fine...

(scene in castle)

Pizza / It was Scissors and Pear! They disappeared into nothing!

Boombox / So, who do you think will be next?

Pizza / *gasp* Oh NO!! Scissors...Pear...ME!

Rook / It somehow strikes me curious what is happening to all of you...

Pizza / I feel it coming! (fades out) AAAHHH!!!

Boombox / PIZZA!!

(Pizza disappears)

Pinecone (starting to run away) / AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Rook / Hey, what is going...

(Pinecone fades out and disappears)

Big Orange Chicken / Bac Bac BaHAC!

(scene in real world)

Pizza / Oh, we're being thawed! That's what's happening!

(scene in castle)

Boombox / Oh my sound, I'd better brace myself. 'Caus the next one to fade out is me!

Rook / And I can hear the fader coming...

Boombox / (fades out) NOOOOO!!! (disappears)

(Big Orange Chicken fades out and disappears)

(scene in real world)

Boombox / Well, it's nice to be back!